Neal Brown

Neal has thirteen years of work experience across the for profit and non-profit business sectors. Her expertise lies in the strategic planning and execution of large scale fundraising events. Over the course of her career Neal has contributed to the procurement of millions of dollars in funding for organizations driving social change. Some agencies and organizations she's had the pleasure of working for include; ignition, Women Who Code, the Anita Borg Institute, New York Cares, and American Jewish World Service to name a few.

Neal recently moved from Brooklyn to Philadelphia with her husband. She is the owner and operator of Murray-Brown Enterprises and manages their Airbnb property full time. She is also an avid volunteer in the Philadelphia community.


Neal has had the opportunity to travel to many different places both for work and pleasure. She's enjoyed jeepney rides in Manila, trips to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, seaside day dreams in Punta Cana, a walk through the red light district in Amsterdam, the hustle and bustle of New Delhi, and watching elephants roam Kruger National Park in South Africa to name a few. She's a firm believer that travel contributes to personal and professional growth and reinforces the importance of diversity.